FIJ Quarterly - Summer 2022 Edition

Where I Come From By: C.H. I'm from a street where friendships were made, and lasting memories still remain intact I'm from faith in science, nature, and spirituality I'm from a long line of people who valued family I'm from laughter over the silly, strange, and unique I come from love and a life of continual learning I'm from love, and I know that because my family shows me through little moments, soft touches, or simple comments I'm from fear, especially when I think about the future of our country's children I come from a long line of large families I come from experiences like upspoken hurt and unspoken feelings I come from a house divided And I wish my life would become the dreams I've created for myself in my head That's where I'd like to be from

FIJ Quarterly | Summer 2022 | 55

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