FIJ Quarterly - Summer 2022 Edition

A BETTER WAY 102 | Re-Imagining a

56 | You Get What You Pay For:

The Federal Government Should Stop Paying for Foster Care Richard Wexler

Community-Based Child and Family Well-Being System in Nebraska Jennifer Skala Jennifer Wallage Dr. Alger M. Studstill, Jr.,

Emily Kluver Sarah Helvey Schalisha Walker

70 | Keeping Families Together: Studying the Past to Inform the Future Reimagining, How to Assist Families Dave Newell Shrounda Selivanoff 80 | The Power of Community-Based Services: Using the Strengths of Community and Parents to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes

Cheryl Miller Sheyala Jones Andrea Smith

▶ 88 Rise

REFLECTIONS 118 | Expanded Conception of

An Original Poem Lindsey W. 90 | The System is Cold and What We Need is Warmth Keith Fanjoy

"Community" Needed for Families Involved with the Child Welfare System Jey Rajaraman

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