FIJ Quarterly - Summer 2022 Edition

Summer 2022 Issue | Vol. 1 | Issue 3

A Journal for Family Well-Being


FEATURES 26 | From a Child to a File: Why Parents, Families, and Communities are the Agents of Change in Children's Lives, not Governments and Services Kevin Campbell Raif O'Neal Elizabeth Wendel 36 | Liberate the Black Family from the Family Policing System: A Reparations Perspective on Ending Anti-Black Racism in “Child Welfare” Parent-Led Approaches to Safe, Thriving Families Angela Olivia Burton Joyce McMillan 46 | Reflections on our Work in Community — Troubling the Frame Julia Jean-Francois Zenayda Bonilla ▶ 54 Just Because An Original Poem Zoraida Ramirez ▶ 55 Where I Come From An Original Poem C.H.

6 | Investing in Communities is an Act of Justice Jerry Milner and David Kelly

FOREWORD 10 | Lexie Grüber-Pérez 16 | On The Cover MY PERSPECTIVE 18 | Aprille Smith ▶ 24 Butterfly An Original Poem Quincy Smith

4 | FIJ Quarterly | Summer 2022

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