FIJ Quarterly - Summer 2022 Edition

© Photo by San Mar Family & Community Services

100 | FIJ Quarterly | Summer 2022 opportunity. Those focused on crisis could see potential system change as danger and focus on self-preservation by saying the right things but doing the same things. Those focused on change as an opportunity could take a step back and remember the dream, the idealism of why they entered the field is still possible, but with less privilege and with more mutuality. In our frenzy to deal with the urgent crisis of today, we don’t take the time to remember the wisdom of the people we serve, to listen to each Monica, and customize the response. How can the provider community and state government both support with resources and stay out of the

way of a community-led process to address the needs of families? Everyone can still play a role, but it will require change. Non-profits and traditional child welfare organizations continue to have an opportunity as agents of change if they commit to the genuine process of exploring core values as the catalyst to organizational transformation. There’s only one recommendation I’m proposing; to create a parallel process of the best type: let the government triage child welfare cases of abuse and clear and eminent safety issues, and funnel the remaining dollars

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