FIJ Quarterly - Fall 2022 Edition

Fall 2022 Issue | Vol. 1 | Issue 4

30 | Kinship Matters: Reflections from the Bench on Preserving Children's Right to Family

50 | Best Interest Determinations: Lessons Learned from Tribal Child Welfare Agency, Court Professionals, and Youths Angelique Day

A Journal for Family Well-Being

Judge Edwina Richardson Mendelson


Claudette Grinnell-Davis Dakota Roundtree-Swain

MY PERSPECTIVE 14 | Liliana Cory

60 | What the System Taught Me Cheri Willams A BETTER WAY 68 | Facilitating Kinship Licensure and Foster Care Exists to Guardianship

6 | Securing and Restoring the Family Is in the Child's Best Interests Jey Rajaraman Alexandra Travis Iesha Hammons FOREWORD 10 | When Best Interests are Not: The Need to Redefine the Best Interest of the Child

17 | On The Cover

Angelique Day Grace Nielson Scout Hartley Charles E. Lewis, Jr.

David Kelly Jerry Milner

REFLECTIONS 76 | A Conversation with Carolyn Tancemore Jey Rajaraman

▶ 38 Smile

An Original Poem Titus Smith ▶ 40 Every Year Since 1984 An Original Poem Diane Redleaf

FEATURES 18 | Creating a Strong Legal

Preference for Kinship Care Josh Gupta-Kagan

42 | Family Is in a Child's Best Interest Amelia S. Watson

4 | FIJ Quarterly | Fall 2022

FIJ Quarterly | Fall 2022 | 5

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