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On The Cover Tiffany Enos, cover artist, is from Sacaton, Arizona and is a tribal member of the Gila River Indian Community. Her desire to create started when she was just a little girl. Over the years that desire started to bloom into what we see today. Her work represents her culture and desire to push the boundaries in order to grow her skills in the art field. She works full-time as a Multimedia Specialist for her community and is a mother of a beautiful girl.

Public Knowledge Joins National Campaign to Address the Harms Caused by the Adoption and Safe Families Act November 19, 2022 marked 25 years since the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) was enacted. In its lifetime, ASFA has contributed to the destruction and devaluation of hundreds of thousands of families, disproportionately Black and Indigenous families. Family Integrity & Justice Work (FIJW) at Public Knowledge ® and Children’s Rights, in partnership with the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP), National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC), the Family Justice Group, and United Family Advocates (UFA), hosted events to spotlight and address the harms of ASFA. In addition, recent articles have been shared on the topic. Events • On November 2, Family Integrity & Justice Works at Public Knowledge presented a webinar entitled, "The Harm of ASFA." During the event, the speakers, panelists, and impacted families shared thoughts, replacement approaches, and real stories, respectively, to help bring awareness to the injustice and trauma that families experience under ASFA's policies. Help us continue our assault against ASFA by sharing the link to the webinar with your colleagues, peers, and networks: The Harm of ASFA • On November 15, Children’s Rights hosted a panel discussion entitled, “Terminating Parental Rights Harms Children Too. 25 Years of ASFA: Looking Back and Moving Forward.” The panel was led by advocates who personally were harmed by ASFA, the panel discussion explored how requirements under ASFA imposed ongoing harms on children and families—and strategies to move us forward in addressing them. Watch and share the event found here: Terminating Parental Rights Harms Children Too Articles • Center for the Study of Social Policy: “ASFA 25 Years Later: Time for Repeal” • Prof. Sarah Katz: “A Federal Law Has Been Destroying Families for 25 Years. Let’s Get Rid of It.” • Reason: The Adoption and Safe Families Act Takes Kids Away From Loving Parents • Josie Pickens and Alan Dettlaff: Opinion: “Repeal the Adoption and Safe Families Act” • Mical Raz: “Our Adoption Policies Have Harmed Families and Children” • Diane Redleaf: “The Adoption and Safe Families Act Takes Kids Away From Loving Parents” • Dorothy Roberts: “The Clinton-Era Adoption Law That Still Devastates Black Families Today” • Richard Wexler: “This Law Was Supposed to Protect Kids from Abuse. It Hasn't.”

“Star Child” by Artist Akil Roper,

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