FIJ Quarterly - Spring 2022 Edition

And built a stronger bond as a solid healthy team

No one sees the class mom who shows up for every event at school Rushing them to activities, sports, and swimming lessons at the pool They do not see the letter still hanging on my wall From the day my case was finally closed and my rise after my fall They do not see my children who are happy and thriving Because they are back home with me instead of divided The work it took to fight against a system built for one to fail That is so corrupt and backwards it makes it hard to heal How every day they throw at you higher hoops to jump through Making it almost impossible to accomplish all they ask of you Every time you do everything they asked you to complete Only to find out there's more you have to beat How a broken system works against addicts in recovery Or anyone who is lower class or underprivileged in any way How very few people actually succeed When the odds are stacked against us and very hard to beat But I see it all everyday in everything my children do In every smile, every word and every I love you I see how far we've come from that terrible fateful day When the most important things to me were almost taken away I see this woman looking back at me reflected in the mirror I see a warrior staring back at me, every day a little clearer No one else gets to see what happens to us after The trials and the triumphs the tears and all the laughter But no one needs to see me back up on my feet Especially if at one time they were reveling in my defeat They don't get to see the beauty of my children and our success Or how wonderful our life is cuz we are truly blessed

FIJ Quarterly | Spring 2022 | 93

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